What Authors Do

What do authors do when they are not “authoring?” Personally, I find that when I am doing mechanical tasks, like folding laundry, washing dishes, or yard work, my mind works on plot twists for my books. But I also spend lots of time reading, often while watching news or a drama on TV. We eat, of course, and shower, shop, laugh with friends, and sleep. Personally, my partner and I take almost daily walks. Lately, we have been walking around our local lake, learning goose and heron habits, and counting the deer in a herd near the road.

Last week, we rounded a turn and spotted a bald eagle in a big cottonwood. It watched many insignificant humans, including us, with haughty disregard. Though its presence did explain the dead fish we found on the roadway with deep gashes in its side. Haughty eagle dropped his lunch. I later learned they nest in the area near a fish hatchery and a river. They can choose to hunt for lunch on the river or take the easy route and grab fast food from a hatchery pond.

When the lake is frozen, the geese sit on the ice, a hundred or more in a group. About an hour before sundown, a group of a dozen or two will start honking, turn the same direction and start walking away from the group. As the honking grows to a din, they take flight heading for a nearby crop field. A few minutes later, another group will start discussing where they are going for dinner. After a lively debate that is near deafening, they, too, take off usually choosing a different field. Finally, all of the geese have taken off for their local diner.

We take lots of pictures and head home for our dinner.