The Cover Reveal

The Wild Rose Press has completed the new cover for the edited version of The Judas Seat, above. What do you think? Would this cover make you pick up the book and read the back cover? Thumb through a few pages? Maybe buy it if you haven’t already read the first edition?

When a South Korean defector takes the reins of North Korea, the world teeters on the edge of a nuclear abyss. The only man all parties will agree to lead the negotiations is the man who doesn’t want the job-former American diplomat Richard Matthews. And someone at the table wants the negotiations to fail. Can Richard unmask the Judas in time? In this sequel to More Than a Point of Honor, Richard Matthews faces new opponents-and some familiar ones.

I just sent off my first round of edits. Hopefully, all steps will be completed in time for a pre-Christmas release. There will be paperback and e-book versions, probably audio as well. And I am currently working on a sequel to What the River Knows. Scott finds himself in hot water again, helping someone dig into information someone powerful wants to keep secret.