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What the River Knows WhattheRiverKnows_w9244_med
Worldwide Release October 14, 2015

When a hometown girl is brutally murdered, Detective Scott Aylward vows to bring a killer to justice. His focus on the case further damages his failing marriage and reinforces the knowledge that he always fails those who matter most–his parents, his boss, his wife, but most of all the victims who expect him to bring them justice.

His search for the killer takes him back to his roots and crosses his path with the missing piece of the puzzle. When the shocking truth is finally revealed, he finds himself unarmed and face to face with the killer. This time, failing might cost him his life.

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More Than a Point of Honor (coming soon in a new and better version from The Wild Rose Press)

What if the person you loved might not be who you thought he was? What if the woman you risked your life for wasn’t real? What if the man in charge of national security had his own private agenda—and you were in the way?

Richard Matthews is an American hero for the twenty-first century—a sensitive John Wayne, a mortal Highlander, Jack Ryan with psychology instead of technology, a super-hero whose only power is his humanity—a third generation diplomat who walks away from diplomacy after his wife dies in his arms during a terrorist attack. Instead, he vows to bring to justice the man responsible for her death—Robert Adler, an old college nemesis who has risen to command the field operations of the CIA. Both are searching for witnesses—one to enlist their aid, the other to silence them. As Richard gets closer to finding a dead man who will talk, Adler throws every tactic he commands at Richard, finally enlisting Terra McIntyre to serve as Richard’s typist and Adler’s mole. Caught between two formidable opposing forces—Richard’s fanatical drive for revenge and Adler’s equally zealous quest to shut him down—Terra is forced to sift for the truth behind the mind games. And she is like black market nitroglycerin, unpredictable and dangerous to either man, even the one she ultimately decides to trust. Finally, lives hang in the balance, when it all comes down to a point of honor.

The Judas Seat

Want to know the story behind the cover photo? Comment below and I'll fill you in.

Want to know the story behind the cover photo? Comment below and I’ll fill you in.

When a South Korean defector takes the reins of North Korea, the world teeters on the edge of a nuclear abyss. The only man all countries involved can agree on to lead the negotiations is the man who doesn’t want the job—former American diplomat Richard Matthews. And someone at the table wants the negotiations to fail. In the sequel to More Than a Point of Honor, Richard Matthews faces new opponents—and some familiar ones.

In a fast-paced story that travels from the Bahamas to Korea to Colorado to Russia and the White House, Richard struggles against the odds to identify who has made the Judas seat at the negotiating table his own. All the while, his family faces a crisis of their own.

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Book Three in the Richard Matthews series.

Stepping away from diplomacy yet again, hopeful of settling into a life as an ordinary citizen who writes novels for a living, Richard travels toward his new home in Colorado, unaware that he is being stalked by an irrational fan on a mission. He has also forgotten that the Russian mafia never cancels a hit.

There are many more to come. Ideas come to me when I least expect them. Follow the site and you may have the chance to provide input on upcoming books.

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